Living in a Delta

The swamps of the southern region of the state are home to a plethora of unique wildlife. Beautiful aquatic birds, such as roseate spoonbill, white ibis, green heron and brown pelicans, roost near waterbodies within the state at various times of the year. 

Ecological succession of plants in Wax Lake Delta.

In and around the swamp waters exists several economically and ecologically important species such as largemouth bass, blue catfish, red drum, paddlefish, bowfin (often called choupique), pallid sturgeon, alligator gar, mussels, oysters, blue crab, shrimp and (Louisiana’s favorite) red swamp and white river crawfish.

This extensive biodiversity is possible because of various geographical factors that are fairly unique to Louisiana. Attributes such as the Mississippi River flowing through the state, the extensive coastline, and its weather patterns all contribute greatly to this plethora of life.