Sportsman’s Paradise: Living in a Delta


Louisiana’s culture and economy is deeply tied to the delta. Economy and culture is also based on the geology and ecology of the delta, all of which are shaped by deltaic processes. The economy of Louisiana is incredibly important on a national scale. Here are examples of Louisiana’s culture and economy:

Oil & Gas Industry, Shipping & Navigation, Commercial Fishing, Tourism, Recreational Fishing, Hunting, Crawfish boils, Shrimp boils, Festivals, Music and art, Camps, Surviving floods and storms




Wetland Productivity

Number 1 producer of shrimp, oyster, crawfish, and blue crabs in the U.S.

Hosting 20% of the continental water bird population every winter in Louisiana




Commercial Infrastructure

5 of the 15 largest ports in the U.S. are in Louisiana

20% of the U.S. waterborne commerce (by tonnage) was accounted for Louisiana's ports in 2009




Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Number 1 producer of oil in the U.S.

Number 2 producer of natural gas in the U.S.

Nearly 1/3 of the U.S. oil and gas is produced or transported in and around Louisiana's Gulf Coast